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What is your favorite
Fashion Movie?

We have Christmas movies and Valentine’s Day movies; We have Music movies and Holiday Movies, but what about Fashion movies? 

I guess it is hard to categorize a movie as a Fashion movie because, in every film, we have clothes or costumes that are created to define the characters. Yet, I will make a list to recommend the AYEN team’s favorite Fashion movies. 

The Devil wears Prada – The list is starting with The obvious choice.  What can we add that is never told about this movie? Nothing. It is 100% a Fashion movie, and there is no argument about it. When Miranda (Meryl Streep) dismisses Andy (Anne Hathaway) while explaining to her the meaning of the color blue, she is brilliantly explaining what fashion is all about. 

Sex And The City – During the years the TV show was on the air, it was clear that fashion became a significant issue, especially for Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jesica Parker). The movie took it to the next level when Carry asked to be the star in a fashion magazine piece for Wedding dresses. During the scene, Carrie is naming each fashion designer and how it feels to wear their creations. What else can a woman ask for?

Pretty Woman  – Raise your hand if you ever wanted to go into a store, holding shopping bags whilst telling them “Big Mistake.” Although the movie is a love story, like Cinderella, or should I write Rapunzel? There are many memorable scenes in the film; however, if we choose to focus on fashion, the most iconic one is the song “Pretty Woman”; When Julia Roberts tries lots of clothes and walks a different woman down Rodeo-Drive. You know the rest. 

Grease – Although the film is from 1978, it’s about high school kids in the 50’s; You can see different outfits between the “nerd” vs. “cool” kids. To this day (2021), we can find many fashion trends inspired by the movie’s looks: leather Jackets, jumpsuits, Silky Pink Jackets, Keds sneakers, and more. The scene where Sandy transforming is a 100% American Apparel look; Including their iconic Disco Pants that never fades. I chose the first song to emphasize how many looks we can find in the movie. 

Zoolander –  We can’t write a piece about Fashion movies and not mention “Zoolander.” Although it’s a parody of the fashion world, it became a cult movie. Moreover, they managed to cast David Bowie (a fashion icon by himself, but that’s for another post), which is enough to call it a Fashion movie. 

Thelma & Louise – You probably ask yourself how a movie about two Southern women running from the police can characterize as a fashion movie; I can tell you that this is precisely the reason. The movie starts when both Thelma & Lousie are more subtle with their clothes, and as the film moves forward, they become more savage and wild. We can see the jeans becoming prominent, and the look of a cut sleeve t-shirt tucked into jeans and cowboy boots remains up to date till today.  

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Yes, Yes, Yes, let me wear a black dress with a pearl necklace, bite a croissant, and drink coffee while I’m staring at Tiffany’s shop window. A film that starts with a fashion statement is a fashion movie, and we don’t need to convince you, right? 

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes – To be clear, any Marilyn Monroe movie is a fashion movie. She was and will be a fashion icon forever; However, many looks in that film consider being a fashion statement. The most memorable one is from “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend,” and yet if you look closely at every outfit, you will find that it wasn’t the only one.

Tell us, what is your favorite fashion movie?


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