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All the fashion you need in one place!

All the fashion you need in one place!

One Stop Shop!

One Stop Shop!

About Us

All You Ever Need (AYEN) started with an idea of two fashion businesses intrepreneurs, women who are personally connected to Israel fashion and know how to turn an idea into a successful and profitable company.

You would think that Israel, as a “Startup-Nation,” would create a fashion innovating platform, designed for Israeli fashion designers to showcase their creation and vision years ago – our thoughts exactly.

As the year of 2020 story unfolds, it becomes clear that, like any other industry, the world of fashion is going to change. Our perspective and purchase process are continually evolving, and the last few months emphasizes the urge to adopt.


AYEN’S vision is to empower Israeli fashion designers to thrive, create and expose the world to the beating heart of Israel fashion industry, bringing you an experience to create your outfit with a variety of fashionable items.


AYEN’S passion is to help establish a successfully stabilized fashion business, to promote and expose designers to new markets via digital platforms worldwide.


We are proud to present an innovative service for emerging fashion designers, who want to leverage their assets and turn into a profitable, sustainable & renowned business in the fashion industry.

“No time like the Present”

proverbs exemplified, 1790



Fashion business strategist with vast experience managing the finance and the commerce sides of the enterprise fashion business and consulting to the fashion industry. MBA.


Creative tough leader, visionary fashion designer and entrepreneur with 15 years of experience creating disruptive fashion concepts and running exceptional fashion businesses. B.DES – graduated from Shenkar.

We believe that success will come only by offering customers the very best service, range and quality.

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