How I Felt In My Heroic by Tali Arbel A rriving at Heroic studio on a stormy Israeli winter day just added a touch of romantic vibe to the experience! I was warmly welcomed inside by the talented Roy Tsemach, who founded Heroic house of fashion back in 2014, with a mission to design functional […]

That time I was Carrie Bradshaw

That Time I was Carrie Bradshaw It was another election day in Israel. Strange weather. I was in Israel for a few months and lived in the Kiryat Hamelacha area (industrial area. I went on Instagram after I finished my democratic duty and voted. While looking at the Instagram story, I was surprised to find […]

Our First Campaign Photoshoot

Our First Campaign Photoshoot Nothing is impossible; the words self says I’m Possible Audrey Hepburn We live in a strange period; “challenging” will be the right description if you ask me. It’s like we have been tested if we were able to deal with constant and unpredictable changes.  Our campaign photoshoot (like any other event), […]