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All the fashion you need in one place!

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Rivet Briefcase

Rivet Briefcase


A briefcase handbag is also suitable for a laptop, the bag is a three-dimensional rectangle of medium size.
The bag is used as an upper handle bag or as a side bag that can also be worn as a diagonal bag. Long removable leather strap included.
The unique design and cut are true to the brand’s handwriting.
This is the flagship design of the brand that represents construction, planning and work at a very high level and without compromise.
Everything is handmade from start to finish in the brand’s studio.

The design of the bag was inspired by the metal armor of warriors, in 19th century Europe, who defended themselves, their freedom and their pavilion.

The bag is made of 100% thick, high-quality leather used for belts and saddles.

The bag is closed and opened using a swivel metal lock, silver fittings.

Inside there is a large and comfortable compartment with a pocket made of leather and a closed zippered fabric and some open compartments. Two leather straps that connect to each other keep the contents of the bag from scattering.

The bag is made of matte black leather that also works on the inside.

Rose gold metal fittings.

Weight: 820 grams.

Width: 36 cm // 14.1 ”

Height: 21 cm // 8.2 ”

Depth: 12 cm // 4.7 ”

Length of long strap 120 cm // 47.2

Fit: True to size

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